Clean Slate

I killed them.

Many were dead.

I killed them. I know it’s not a good thing, oh it’s a terrible feeling but who are you to blame a pissed-off blogger like me? I mean, I can no longer stand  the stinky and dirty smell of my prehistoric blogs full of outdated sentiments of how bad life is, was and will be and how fed up and hurt I was. Duh. I needed a brand new start for a my new life. I am not saying that this blog is going to be different from my previous blogs but I also can’t tell what it’s gonna be. I think the reason why I lose interest on my previous blogs is not because of schedule but because I was pressured to think of a topic that is going to fit the description I gave to my blogs. The blogs that I made bound by my own rules and standards made writing and blogging for me even harder. So, I think deleting them is doing a favor to myself.

Hey! This is my first entry thus the title “Primero”, the spanish term for first. Oh, we’re getting informative here. Watch out for more crazy, crazier and craziest entries soon (assuming that I have millions of readers). LOL

See you!


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