It’s the triple S day.

Sneakers. Skirt. Sleeves.

I am supposed to wear my uniform today because it’s Friday but had a change of heart. Instead, I wear my hubby’s (goosebumps for the term) closed-neck indigo-striped long sleeves polo, tucked under my flounce black skirt paired with my classic kinda dirty black sneakers. Voila!

(Oh, excuse that creepy pout, duck-face rather, the messy hair and the where-are-those-brows-eyebrow.)

I decided to roll the sleeves up to show that I have limbs. Lol. Yes, they are short but they are there (insert walling aka Ryzza Mae Dizon “Height, why have you forsaken me?“).

Lately, I am so much into wearing loose, hip and trendy  outfit (forgive the bias) because the holiday ROIs (return of investment in short bilbil) are beyond visible.  That moment when you tried your mightiest to suck in the air in your stomach to button up your pants. Whew! The struggle is real.

Oh please, do not give me that you-think-you-are-fat-then-how-about-me-look because seriously, I’m so pissed off with the fact that it costs me forever to decide whether to wear clothes that makes me look a darn “suman” or a desperate scarecrow. Ugh!

Oh, forgive the rant.



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