Have you met Manners?


Hey, someone is approaching towards me. Oh wait, she’s not looking at me. Her eyes are glued towards something on my table. Few feet away from me, she grabbed that precious lucky thing, stared on the papers she’s carrying and I bet she’s trying to figure out how to use the darn thing. For a split second, I wanted to open my mouth, asked her of what she’s doing but my words are swallowed together with the giggles I fought so hard to suppress. And with all her recollected knowledge and mustered strength, using  one hard blow, I heard the clanging bells to the tune of, SUCCESS! Congratulations paper puncher, you did well!

But wait, are you curious of where am I the entire show? I was there, standing in front of my messy table trying to make sense of the seemingly irreconcilable periodical deliveries, that’s  more or less two feet from her. I watched her from the time she was two feet away from my table, when she looked down and took my paper puncher and seriously looked at it trying her luck on how to correctly operate it. I was about to clap when finally she punched it successfully, took her papers and left, completely oblivious of my presence and that of the student assistant’s.

Did she just used my paper puncher situated on top of my table without a word or anything?

I stood there, dumbfounded.

I sat  back on my chair, took my hands to the keyboard and typed GMRCIn Google’s index, the GMRC that I was looking ranked 3rd in 0.36 seconds because Gas Machinery Research Council (GMRC) ranked 1st and 2nd. No wonder.

The lady, who for a moment met and used an in-explainable alien on my table must have forgotten her grade school’s good manners and right conduct.

Now, I keep wondering, “Did she ever met manners? or Will she ever meet one?”




4 thoughts on “Have you met Manners?

  1. In the great words of fictitious character Jerry McGuire: “Even fish have manners.” Apparently, to some real people, it’s not the fish but the manners that are fictitious 😉


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