See You Next Month, Dyse.

It’s been eleven years now.

While others spent years waiting for something, I don’t. How I wish, one day you will be gone. The misery your visits caused me is already past my tolerable stage. I know you are nature’s gift but I envy others who receive and enjoy your visits without the slightest trace of discomfort.

Dysmenorrhea. Yes, it’s you I’m talking to.

Oh wait, I’ll call you “Dyse”, in honor of your loyalty and perfect attendance for the past eleven years.

According to, you are a term for menstrual cramps that some women experience before their periods. Luckily, I am one of the “some women”. There is nothing serious about the pain though, but man, if your daily routine is hampered by the pain, I think that is something really terrible. I mean, who’s going to ignore that cannot-be-scratched-and-touched-pain aggravated by your unstable temper due to hormonal whatever?

I’ve tried a lot of medications ranging from the over-the-counter-drugs to the ones prescribed by the doctors. All they offer is a temporary relief from a whole-three-day “misadventure”. It is  very frustrating when you sit on your chair trying to figure out what to do when you only feel that stinging feeling underneath, that’s beyond unreachable.  Good thing, that I have my ever-reliable hot compress bag to soothe the really wild cramps down there.

I’ve heard folks saying that the pain will go away when you get married but I am married, for crying out loud. Then, I heard from the folks still, that it will go away when you bear children or give birth which I don’t think will happen to me some time soon. Health experts also say that the kind of lifestyle that you have and stress contributes to the severity of these cramps. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll get away with a stress-free and a healthy lifestyle anytime soon.

Unless I’m going to reset my priorities, there is nothing I can do to get rid of you, Dyse.

So, I think this is a bitter-see-you-next-month parting statement.


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