A loud bang.

No, it is more than that.

It is a deafening news!

I cannot hear anything.

I can only feel tiny consistent force choking my heart.

I cannot explain the pain but I know it is hurting me so much more than I think I can handle.

It is way beyond my emotional strength.

I can’t help but hide again to that one place I call safe.


Deep down there I know I cannot be safe but I know the dangers better than that of the outside.

I cannot stop the tears rolling down my not-so-rosy cheeks.

Yes, I find humor in my pain.

I needed to.

I wanted to.

I dreaded this moment.

I wanted to forget this chapter of my life.

If I could only use a delete button, but I cannot.

But I cannot go through this pain again.

That is for sure.

I cannot be hurt again.

I promise myself, it would never happen again.

Seems like I’m fooling myself.

I am bound to be hurt over again.

I can’t be ready.

I won’t be ready.



Sakuragi. Nobita. Luffy.

Who are you?
Are you Nobita?
Are you Monkey d’ Luffy?

I am 24 and married.

And yes, I haven’t gotten over the anime-fanaticism stage, not that it’s a big deal or is it not? My first favorite anime character is Hanamichi Sakuragi of Slamdunk. Sakuragi symbolizes so much fun and guts to me.His red head and ear-to-ear-grin-like-smile is more than a statement of his personality but a declaration of who he is.


It’s not only Sakuragi’s character that hooked me into animated shows because Doraemon too. I love how his I-cannot-explain-kind-of-smile stirs so many of my emotions. Monkey D. Luffy? How I wish I am not 600 plus episodes behind his story. Nevertheless, who can ignore Luffy’s victorious smile? I am, but smitten.


Doraemon is a robotic cat that is sent back in time to help Nobita correct his actions and decisions to avoid the misery and financial turmoil his supposed future family is into recently. Nobita made not-so-good decisions compromising the life of his descendants and that’s how Doraemon become helpful by giving instant solutions to whatever predicament Nobita is involved.


Monkey D. Luffy is the rubber man whose great ambition is to reach the Grand Line where Gold Roger’s treasure named One Piece is hidden. His only dream is to find the treasure underneath the ocean to be called the King of the Pirates and nothing can stop him from chasing his dream, not even his one great weakness. He cannot swim. He will not be able to swim because he is cursed thus, become the rubber man.

Have you seen the contrast? Who are you?

Are you Nobita? The one who was given the chance to correct his mistakes for the sake of the future and the present with the help of Doraemon. Are we going to have a Doraemon in real life? 

Are you Luffy? Someone who lives in the present and chases his dreams even if it’s going to cost his life? Can we borrow an ounce of Luffy’s courage to fight for what we dreamed and believed in?

These are only the two types among the many people that you can become.

It is your choice.

It is your responsibility.