A loud bang.

No, it is more than that.

It is a deafening news!

I cannot hear anything.

I can only feel tiny consistent force choking my heart.

I cannot explain the pain but I know it is hurting me so much more than I think I can handle.

It is way beyond my emotional strength.

I can’t help but hide again to that one place I call safe.


Deep down there I know I cannot be safe but I know the dangers better than that of the outside.

I cannot stop the tears rolling down my not-so-rosy cheeks.

Yes, I find humor in my pain.

I needed to.

I wanted to.

I dreaded this moment.

I wanted to forget this chapter of my life.

If I could only use a delete button, but I cannot.

But I cannot go through this pain again.

That is for sure.

I cannot be hurt again.

I promise myself, it would never happen again.

Seems like I’m fooling myself.

I am bound to be hurt over again.

I can’t be ready.

I won’t be ready.



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