The Girl

Long time ago, there was a girl.

All she wanted was to be the best girl that anybody could have.

She studied well but she laughed less.

She kept things to herself.

She believed she was just born the silent type.

She blamed the genes. She was a victor in school.

She has a tough facade.

The facade was her safe place.

Because in truth, she was scared.

She was insecure.

She was tired and helpless.

She needed them but could not admit.

How many times have we been like the girl?

Weary and hurt.

Shaking but smiling.

For this one, pretending is beautiful.

It is a shield.

A shelter from the toxicity of pain.

Lucky are those who were not drown in the lake of pretensions.

Good are those who emerge to the surface and breathe.

The girl of a long time ago is a new girl today.

She has learned but she choose to be human.

She accepts the pain and moves on with her life.