Weird. Uncanny. Used to believe these words were enough to describe life.

Must have been dreamin’ for it wasn’t, it isn’t.

Life has its own way of saying “f*ck you, ‘m winning this round”

And you gotta stand there watchin’ how someone’s screwin’ you’ life.

“You gotta be strong.” Empty words from strangers that don’t make sense.

Words from encouragers who can’t f*ckin motivate themselves to go wake up at five and go to gym.

Self-proclaimed encouragers. Hell, yeah. Tell me something I do not know.

Tell me something I didn’t once use to lie to myself.

Encouragers were once broken perhaps unkempt ’til now.

Yet, they tell you, “Get going. Keep moving.”


Think I was one.

But already dropped the tag a long time.

And life?

I’ma keep beating you.

Stay strong.


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