I Wanna

Let’s talk about what I want.

You probably do not care about what I want because you only care about yours (now that sounds so judgmental)  however, I feel the need to write down what’s in my head, allow me.

I WANNA WRITE. When I picture myself writing about anything or for a certain topic, I feel elated. I feel like I’ve shed off tons of fats that makes me feel heavy and tired. You know, I don’t wanna talk about how I feel and what I think about a lot of issues may it be political, economic, financial, social and even personal. I find writing as the best way to dispose my not-so-great feelings on things. More than that, I want to write. I want to become a writer.

I WANNA FORGET. Not talking about the things that have been running in my head makes me think that I’ve unconsciously absorbed the negativities. Maybe now, they’re stuck in my subconscious and just needed a little fire to explode. That is scary. The most scary thing a person must fear are the thoughts that have been kept hidden for a very long time. Unlike wines they taste better when stored for a very long time, thoughts become bombs when kept for long.

I WANNA DANCE. Talk about sanity check. I’m no dancer and I’ve got no Beyonce’s body but I wanna dance the worries away. “Hey, don’t mind them and get happy” and I’m like ” Yeah dude, like that’s very easy to do.” When I want to get positive about things but I just can’t ignore the doubts, all I wanna do is literally shake the worries off.

I WANNA RECONNECT WITH HIM. Not that I’ve lost the connection to the Almighty because I know he’s  always here but I feel the need to really strengthen it because that maybe the reason why I’m feeling on the edge always. The guidance and strength from above is just beyond everything and I think that’s all I need to be back on track. I need everything from HIM.

That was quite a list but I can’t help it considering the tempting inclinations pulling as away from what really matters in life, I think that’s far from enough but I could only think for a few now.