Professionalism 101

Oh yes, I know you are rolling your eyeballs right now because I don’t have the slightest right to write about professionalism because I hardly know it so, help me figure it out.

According to the famous Merriam-Webster online dictionary, professionalism refers to  the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. Therefore, professionalism encompasses wide array of attributes according to These attributes include having a specialized knowledge, competency, honesty and integrity, accountability, self regulation and image. 

Look, this is not a lecture of the do’s and dont’s in upholding professionalism but a reminder to every professionals in the planet. Isn’t it annoying when your boss cannot even look at you in the eyes when he give instructions? He fidgets and makes his hands busy all the time while talking and won’t even give you the chance to understand what he’s talking about. Well, he gives an answer immediately to your concern without the slightest thought of it and voila, seconds after, he takes it back like he hadn’t said anything. When he follows you to the comfort room while you are about to execute some serious stuff and instructs you about this and that. When he ignores the suggestion of the body and comes up with the same suggestion in different words, taking it as his own. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

I have no idea if he ever thought of professionalism every time he does that. How I wish he’ll stepped on some serious professional stuff every time he spreads gossips about his colleagues’ personal lives and agenda. Did he ever feel good being the talker of the dirty laundry of his people? Nobody knows.